This article mainly analyzes several factors that affect performance of diamond core drill bit as follows:

1. Diamond Grade
According to conventional analysis, the higher the grade of diamond, the more complete its crystal form, the fewer impurities, and the higher its impact strength. Drilling works better when drilling into reinforced concrete.

2. Diamond size
The Diamond Grit size selection is suitable for rough diamonds. Because when drilling reinforced concrete, the height of the diamond cutting edge is higher than that of dense rock. If you choose a fine-grit diamond, the number of diamond particles on the surface will increase, but the real effective cutting edge will be relatively reduced, resulting in the diamond falling off without sufficient processing.

3. Diamond Concentration
The diamond concentration controls the number of effective cutting edges on the bonded working surface. The effective cutting edge on the working face of a diamond tool varies with the height of the diamond edge.
In a certain concentration area, the concentration is reduced, and the effective cutting edge of the drilled hole is reduced. For brittle materials such as rock, the rate of penetration increases, as does the wear on the diamond core drill bit. When drilling reinforced concrete, the main wear is the cutting of steel bars, which causes more diamonds to fall off and break than drilling rocks.

4. Adhesive material
If the binder material is selected properly, the service life of the diamond core drill bit can be greatly improved. Two aspects need to be considered to affect the choice of binder material, one is the embedding ability of diamond, and the other is the wear resistance of the binder material.
5. Number of steel bars
On the basis of high-grade diamond, diamond core drill bits drill into reinforced concrete. If it does not touch the steel bar, the wear of the diamond core drill bit is very small. When the drilling depth is 300mm, the wear is only about 0.02mm. When cutting steel bars, the wear rate increases significantly, and the wear rate of the diamond core drill bit for cutting steel bars with a diameter of 25 mm reaches 0.18mm-0.2mm.
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Diamond core drill bit

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