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In 2022, we have experienced global crises such as wars, epidemics, inflation, and economic depression.

ChinShine has been keeping moving. This year we have optimized our products better and developed some products with better quality and higher cost performance, such as arix diamond segment, arix wall saw blades, diamond core drill bit, diamond segments for granite, multi diamond segments, diamond wire saw, vacuum brazed diamond wire...

In the case of excellent quality and professional service, our sales have bucked the trend and achieved substantial growth in 2022. More customers choose to trust ChinShine.

The new year of 2023 is coming, we will develop and produce more reliable and better quality products to meet different customer needs. While adding more intelligent equipment, the production cost will be reduced and the production efficiency will be improved.

In 2023, we also plan to visit customers abroad and participate in more exhibitions, communicate with customers face to face, understand customer needs more clearly, and identify market positioning.

Recently, China has given up prevention and control of the epidemic and is facing a series of problems. For example, most people are infected with the corona virus and cannot work normally. Also the traditional Chinese Spring Festival holiday is approaching. Production delays may last for 2-3 months in China. If you have plans to purchase, please arrange in advance.

If you have more orders in the future, please let us know, we will uniformly purchase a large number of raw materials and blank steels, reduce production costs, and save procurement costs for you.

Finally, we believe that 2023 is going to be a better year, let us work together towards a better future.
ChinShine 2022 Summary and 2023 Strategic Plan in diamond tools field

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