According to the manufacturing process, diamond wire saw beads can be divided into three types: diamond vacuum brazing wire saw, diamond electroplated wire saw and diamond sintering wire saw. The three diamond wire saw beads have different properties and are used in different applications.
The sharpness of vacuum brazed diamond wire saw is better than that of sintered wire saw, but the lifespan is short and the price is expensive. It is often used for rapid cutting of precious materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete, steel and jade. Although short-lived, some projects, such as concrete cutting, require quick cuts most, so vacuum brazed diamond wire saws are the best choice.
ChinShine vacuum brazed diamond wire saw rope is fixed by rubber. It is designed for fast cutting of pure steel and reinforced concrete. 10.5mm vacuum brazed wire saw beads provide high performance. Ordinary vacuum brazed wire saw beads have only one layer. Unlike normal types, we have used two layers of vacuum brazed beads on this concrete wire saw, which extends its lifespan.

Recommended for cutting highly reinforced concrete, pure steel, heat-treated steel, and metal alloys
Suitable for medium- to high-power wire sawing machines
For intensive, professional use to solve special applications in building construction, demolition and decommissioning

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vacuum brazed diamond wire saw for concrete

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