ChinShine Diamond Tile Saw Blades Introduction:

What is a diamond tile saw blade?

Diamond tile saw blade is a kind of saw blade which can be used for cutting ceramic, microlite stone, glass, refractory, porcelain, granite, marble and other stone. In most cases, tile saw blades refer to some types of diamond blades. The tile saw blades are mounted on angle grinders, tile saw, table saw, power hand saw, masonry saw. Excellent quality tile saw blades must have the feature of good sharpness, smooth cutting and no chipping during cutting.

tile saw blades

How many types of diamond tile saw blades are there?

According to cutting objects, tile saw blades can be categorized into wet  tile blades and dry tile blades. Wet diamond tile blade cutting with water to cool down its blade core, the blades include continuous diamond tile blade, continuous turbo diamond blades. Dry diamond tile blade like segmented diamond blade cutting without water. Some turbo diamond blade and “J” shape segmented blade are designed for both wet and dry uses.

Porcelain Cutting Blades

Wet tile saw blade stops cutting as usual but still has some height of continuous rim.

You can use a dressing stone to “wear down” the blade a little so more diamond chips are exposed(in fact, it is wear down the segments welded on the blade). You may just not have a perfect match between the hardness of your cutting object and the softness of the continuous rim (diamond segments). You can even try removing the blade and reattaching it backwards so the blade will cut from the opposite direction, of course, this would only work on continuous rim blades and on blades that are not marked with a directional arrow!
The “softer” the blade, the harder the surface it cuts. This is because a soft continuous rim will wear down faster and expose the sharp diamond chips sooner to keep cutting the hard surface.

diamond tile blades

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a wet tile saw blade?

  • Fast, smooth, accurate cutting, because most wet tile saw blades are mounted on no-handheld saw.
  • Doesn’t require much physical strength for continuate use.
  • Wet porcelain tile blade and ceramic tile saw blades last longer because the water keeps them cool when in use.
  • Safer to use because continuous rims will not cut through skin as easily as other blades.
  • Wet tile saw blades require a flow of constant coolant and diamond blades will overheat very quickly without water.
  • Depending upon the quality and style of your wet saw you could easily get wet.
  • More complicated and longer set up time.
  • More likely to get an electric shock with water.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a dry tile saw blade?

  • Fast and easy to set up tile blades on saw.
  • Can be used to tear out old tile.
  • Backer board can also be cut with it.
  • Suitable for most conditions.
  • Since the grinder is hand-held, you will not have consistent control over the quality of your cuts.
  • Your edges may not be smooth and even.
  • Ceramic tile chips and dust will fly heavy dust pollution.
  • Very difficult to use as your only tile saw on large projects.

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Diamond Tile Saw Blade

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