ChinShine Roof Turbo Diamond Segment is made of quality diamond crystal, Cobalt Powder and metal powders, develop new and sepcial formula to make sharp & fast drilling segments. It is designed for reinforced concrete, especially for hard aggregate armoured concrete which contain heavy steel.
The advantage of ChinShine Roof Turbo diamond segments
Faster cutting:  The coarse single-pointed diamond provide incredibly fast drilling speeds.
Fast seating and reduced vibration: The roof shape tips penetrate quickly, and hold a straight drilling path to reduce side drag. Reduced vibration improves drilling efficiency and bit life.
Improved cooling and slurry removal: The turbo shape diamond segments increases water flow to reduce heat and removed slurry more efficiently.
1. For Wet drilling,reinforced concrete,Constrction work and different hardness of cement slabs.
2. For fix up air-condition, drilling holes in wall,ground,floor,drainage pipes etc.
The tips of roof turbo diamond segments during work
1. To avoid copper solder by high Melting Point, silver welding method is recommended ,
2.  Use water when drilling, high temperature lower the performace and the segments may drop.
3.  Power drilling machine is recommended.
4.  Lower speed if drilling thick and high strengh cast iron.

Other shapes diamond segments for core drill bit are available, such as Arix diamond segment, roof segment, wave, aero, dimple, V shape, etc.
roof turbo diamond segment for concrete core drill bit
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